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~ Jeremiah 29:11 ~

Monday, December 22, 2008


OK... I new that when we moved back south that cold weather would be a whole new ball game, but this is ridiculous! We got to Manhattan on Saturday night. Our drive was a progression of weather change. We could absolutely tell we were moving north just by how cold the windows were getting. When we got to Tulsa to gas up it was definitely frigid, and when we made to Bartlesville it was cold, but when we got to Manhattan we reached ridiculous. The temperature on the bank signs around town were reading -7. Today it was up to 16, but you wouldn't know it to step outside. Landry couldn't wait to go outside and play in the snow. Unfortunately it was no longer snow, but frozen ice. He came in bummed out and informed me that it was too difficult to make a snowball. He couldn't even get any snow in his hand. Of course this did not stop him from trying. He worked all day on going outside and playing and attempting snow balls. Needless to say... today he gave up.
My mother called Friday before we left to inform us that she had wiped out on a drive way. The wipe out brought with it a broken leg, and ankle. If you know my mom, this isn't a big surprise. She seems to be accident prone. I can't tell you how many people we have talked to in the past two days who also said they fell on the ice, but did not BREAK anything. Nope... just mom. The long and short of it is that her rental car started to slide out of the drive way she was parked in, which of caused her concern because it was a rental car and she didn't have the extra insurance. So her mind was on paying more money for another damaged car. Oh yeah... she has a rental because two weeks ago a "crazy" driver hit her at a stop sign. The luck of the Woodford's carries on! Anyway she was so worried about the car that she wasn't paying attention to where she was walking, therefore causing the fall and broken body parts. Merry Christmas! That has not deterred my mother from her favorite love.... shopping. It just makes it more challenging. The Walmart man showed her how to pop wheelies with the motor carts. I think it scared her more than him. We absolutely didn't pop an wheelies. She also rented a "Knee Walker", so she is moving faster and makes it a bit more challenging to keep up with her.
We hope you are keeping warmer than we are.
This is my parents street, or at least it is under the THICK SHEET OF ICE! Now you know why my mom fell.
One of my little Snow Babies. The other one wouldn't stay still long enough for a pic. I'll catch him.


Donna said...

Yep, looks cooooold! You mean you didn't follow Landry out in the snow to get that picture. Tell him Memaw wants to see a picture of what he and Jentri get from Santa. Love ya'll! dp

Heather said...

Wow your mom and mine. Though mine didn't break her ankle on ice. She was walking down stairs and fell on the last step therefore spraining her ankle. It's so bad that she is in the hospital right now. Our mothers I think just need to sit at home and not get near anything that could make them fall. Glad to hear you are in KS.

Lisa said...

Loved the pic of "our" baby girl. Tell Landry the cookies will be waiting when he gets back! Give both a hug for me, tell Jentri sissy will miss her. Hope your mom recovers fast! Have a great Christmas and tell little man east Texas wants pics of him. We had freezing temps this morning. There were two wrecks wayne saw on his way to Texarkana this morning due to frozen bridges (sulfer river bridge and the one as you get into texarkana getting off 59 onto the loop heading to the mall) but by tonight back up to 50's. bring home some of that snow!!
love you guys....lisa

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