For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for good and not evil, to give you a future and a hope."
~ Jeremiah 29:11 ~

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rock On!

SO.... in light of everything that has happened with the start of school and Brett leaving to go to Amarillo I totally forgot to share how much fun I had two weeks ago at the Def Leppard/Poison/Cheap Trick concert! The QC gals came and we had a blast. The only problem was how short the visit really was. It came and went quickly! But, I had so much fun and of course it took me back to my Freshman year of high school. Def Leppard came to Manhattan and it was quite an ordeal. Bramlage Coliseum had just been built and the community was taken full advantage. Well.... maybe the youth of Manhattan were taking full advantage.
That all took place the Friday before school started. So, on Monday little man started his 1st grade year. I am excited and really do like his teacher. He gets to walk to school this year because the school he goes to is a block from the babysitter. She has twin boys the same age as Landry, but they are in 2nd grade and have become fast friends. I drop him off with Jentri and pick him up there too. It is a wonderful arrangement. And of course Landry feels like a big guy because he gets to exert some independence.
As for Jentri she is adjusting well to her new babysitter. We of course miss Lisa and the fam... but we are thrilled that she has adjusted so well. Amy loves her as much as we do and does so well with my kiddos. Ironically I had a babysitter before I had a job moving back here to Little Elm. As always we are blessed! Please keep praying for Trent... many of you know he has Alzheimer's and had a seizure a week ago. He has been placed in a home, and we just ask that you pray for the boys and Donna to find peace and comfort!


Heather said...

Do you remember how when we walked to school the street was hot lava and we couldn't step on the cracks of the sidewalk? I do remember a few times being mad at mom and jumping on the cracks to "break her back". Boy, I was a spiteful kid.
So sorry to read about Brett's father. I can only imagine the struggle they are going through. It's not a pleasant disease and is so unfair to the victim and their family. I'll be thinking of you and Brett and hoping for things to be peaceful in this transition.

Kristy said...

I was remembering walking to school and just how much fun we would have every day. Oh too be young again. Things were so much easier! I actually remember us pulling down the curtains in the front room and how angry your mom was. I also remember her response... "Do you do this at your house?" and I remember thinking "No...I don't pull curtains down at my house." Fun times! I knew you would understand the situation better than anyone. Brett is having a hard time. More so than I think he was prepared for.

The Christenson's said...

The concert was so fun!! ROCK ON!! :) Miss you!
We need to watch for the Rockin Worhsip Roadshow tickets now...

Kristy said...

Yes we do!!!! That would be so AWESOME!!! Miss you!

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