For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for good and not evil, to give you a future and a hope."
~ Jeremiah 29:11 ~

Friday, June 20, 2008

Fabulous Friends!

I had my weekly appointment yesterday to check on lil' bit. As usual things seem to be progressing well. She is growing and "practicing" breathing, KICKING, PUNCHING, trying to make more room...:) Needless to say the Doc Joseph was pleased. So, after my appointment I had some things I wanted to do. My friend Shellye who has been pregnant with me, and was the one who recommended Dr. Joseph to me, delivered her baby on Wednesday by C-Section. Since the doctor's office is in the hospital I decided that I would go see her after my appointment. Wednesday was a long day of waiting to hear how Shellye and the baby were doing as well as the sex of the baby. They decided not to find out the sex, however, she and everyone around them were convinced that she was having a little girl. So, to every one's surprise she gave birth to a boy. Needless to say I knew she only had little girl things and would be in dire need of boys stuff. I asked KB to go with me to Target so we could pick up so boy clothes for the little darling. He is such a beautiful baby, like most c-sections he is flawless. And I don't think he made one sound the entire time I visited. My time spent with Shellye and her husband, Kevin, made me anxious about my upcoming delivery. Not in a bad way... I'm just ready to go NOW! I also had lots of questions for her. Most of you know Landry was not a normal delivery. Ask either of the moms and they will give you an ear full about how bad it really was. It was important for me to know what a "regular" c-section would be like, and the type of recovery I would have. It is my belief that I have had enough issues with my pregnancy... tumor, pupps, hormone issues, bleeding, bed rest... that post pregnancy I should be given a break and not have any unusual issues. At this point, I simply want what most people want, a healthy baby!

After my time with Shellye I was able to meet some girlfriends for lunch. One of our friends that we all worked with and moved came back to visit. We went for lunch, and then came back here to the house where we could be more comfortable to continue our conversation. I was feeling really guilty because I haven't been great about emailing my friend Kristy. But, we picked up where we left off. I LOVE when I have friends who understand the chaos of life, and can accept that even though I may not call regularly or email for that matter, we are STILL friends. Those are the most comforting relationships to have because they love you for who you are, and accept all the imperfections you posses. As great as it was to see her it was also sad to see her go.

We are on the count down... Brett will be gone for two weeks straight. God is definitely preparing me for baby nights. I'm not sleeping well, and my assumption is that it is because I'm so uncomfortable. Keep praying for our house. I just know God is proving his faithfulness and wants to do it in some grand manor! Our friends have resorted to burying a St. Joseph figurine... if it works I may have to invest in one myself.

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Donna said...

I've been checking in on the blog. You do have friends that put their deeds in action! Hope today was a good day for Landry, Baby Girl Phipps, and Kristy! Love ya lots. dp

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