For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for good and not evil, to give you a future and a hope."
~ Jeremiah 29:11 ~

Monday, November 24, 2008

Overcoming Odds

I spent the weekend in Houston. My dear friend from high school... Miss Lori Depew, got married! It was so much fun to go and see her, see old friends and watch her become Mrs. Lori Andrade! When I say she had to overcome obstacles, I mean she had to overcome OBSTACLES! She was suppose to get married on September 13, however if you recall Hurricane IKE decided to hit instead. It sent all her plans and guests packing! I told her not to fret... all would work out. She has had to do everything backwards and still came out on top. They had to go ahead and go on their honeymoon cruise first, the wedding was next and then on Saturday they had the rehearsal dinner. All the same... she is married and we are excited. I bring this all up because we have found our family facing different obstacles here in the Piney Woods the past week. I start to look at what I have been faced with and think I can't take much more. Since I had to drive to Houston by myself there and back I had lots of time to reflect. Life could be worse! My difficulties are minor compared to the difficulties of some of my friends. I have a great family! Two wonderful, healthy children, and a husband who loves me. I have a house that covers my head to keep me dry, keep me warm, and keep me safe. There is always food to eat and water to drink. What more could a person ask for? I take for granted the things I'm giving, and if not for the moments like this I'm not sure what more I would be dealt. I have to remind myself that the challenges we face make us stronger, and better people if we allow ourselves to grow from the experience. I need more moments like this to keep me humble, and make me grateful!

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